Saturday 28 July 2012

Recent ASNC news ...

Congratulations to Dr Levi Roach and Dr Helen Foxhall Forbes (both of whom studied ASNC at undergraduate and postgraduate level), who have both been appointed to lectureships in Medieval History at the University of Exeter.

Indeed, further congratulations are due to Levi for recently winning the Royal Historical Society's Alexander Prize for his article ‘Public Rites and Public Wrongs: Ritual Aspects of Diplomas in Tenth- and Eleventh-Century England’, Early Medieval Europe 19 (2011), 182-203.

Also, congratulations to Emily Lethbridge who has been awarded a 3-year post-doc at the new Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Iceland.

Some members (past and present) of the ASNC Department were signatories to a letter in the Irish Times protesting the proposed destruction of Carraig Breac House, former home to Celtic scholar Whitley Stokes (1830-1909). The subsequent decision not to grant permission for the demolition led to this article by Irish Times environment editor, Frank McDonald.

And finally, Dr Elizabeth Boyle has been causing trouble, as usual ...

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