Wednesday 19 January 2011

Chadwick Memorial Lecture 2011

The next public lecture in ASNC will be the 2011 H. M. Chadwick Memorial Lecture, on Thursday 17th March, at 5pm, in room GR.06/07, English Faculty Building, 9 West Road, Cambridge.

Professor Wendy Davies (University College London) will speak on: 'Water mills and cattle standards: probing the economic comparison between Ireland and Spain in the early middle ages'.
Hector Munro Chadwick (1870-1947) was second Elrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon in the University of Cambridge (1912-41). Through the immense range of his scholarly publications, and through the vigorous enthusiasm which he brought to all aspects of Anglo-Saxon studies -- philological and literary, historical and archaeological -- he helped to define the field and give it the interdisciplinary orientation which characterises it still. The Department of ASNC, which owes its existence and its own interdisciplinary outlook to H.M. Chadwick, has wished to commemorate his enduring contribution to Anglo-Saxon studies by establishing an annual series of lectures in his name.
The H.M. Chadwick Memorial Lecture, established in 1990, is delivered by a scholar who is invited to Cambridge for the occasion, on a subjected calculated to be of interest to the whole Department.
Everyone welcome.

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